About Me

In few words

My name is Paweł Smoliński. I am originally from Poland, now living on the beauty West of Ireland in the city of Galway. I was studying physics on the Faculty of the Fundamental Problems of Technology in Wrocław University of Technology but for more than 10 years I am working in various areas of software development world. Currently I am working as CTO in OnePageCRM where I am responsible for the technology side of the project.

In free time I like to sit behind the wheel of my car and go somewhere to enjoy life outside of civilization. And region of Connemara works very well in that area...

My expertise

Stuff that i can help with

Code crafting

As they said, do what you like and you will never have to work. So I do a lot of programming and as far as for now I enjoy that occupation.

Software architecture

Before the final product will come, it is always good idea to design system architecture. Give me your idea from business perspective and I will try to translate it into computer language.

Impossible Code Debugging

Do you have system which is working but causing problems? I am here to help!


Almost every modern system works in cooperation with 3rd party solutions (email marketing, customer support, site usage analysis) and I can help you to make such integrations up & running!

System administration

Your server infrastructure is not working as you wish or you want to improve it? Give me a shout and we'll see what can we done together!


PHP, Ruby, JavaScript, CoffeScript, MySQL, MongoDB, Ruby on Rails, Symfony, Mautic, Wordpress, NodeJS, Amazon Web Services, Linux, ...